Max Brenner

by Alyssa on February 17, 2011

in Food, Restaurant Reviews

After dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar, then dessert at the Dessert Truck, it only made sense to have second dessert at Max Brenner.

I had never heard of Max Brenner, but as soon as we walked into the restaurant, I knew it would be a good end to the night.

One of the first things I encountered upon entering the restaurant were these Chocolate Syringes. Pretty straightforward: a chocolate injection for your mouth! This place is serious about chocolate.

Vanilla profiteroles with chocolate and vanilla dipping sauces.

Max’s Three Layer Chocolate Concoction with Cookies and Peanut Butter. “Milk chocolate cream layered with Oreo cookie bits in peanut butter and white chocolate chunks topped with whipped cream. Served with crunchy wafer balls and a biscotti on the side.”

Whoa whoa WHOA! First of all, this was our second dessert of the night and second, this was chocolate overload. The first couple of bites weren’t anything special because it seemed that I couldn’t get the hang of scooping the contents out of the narrow neck of the beaker. I was only getting white chocolate and Oreo bits. When I finally had spoonfuls of the chocolate cream along with everything else, it was incredibly delicious and incredibly chocolate overload to the extreme. The chocolate cream was ice cold and somehow that really made it taste great accompanied by the other ingredients.

Max Brenner

841 Broadway

New York, NY 10003

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