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One of the first New York establishments that I requested we have a meal was at Otto, largely due to The Girl Who Ate Everything‘s rave reviews of the restaurant. Otto is one of Mario Batali‘s more affordable restaurants and specializes in pizza, pasta, and gelato.

We started with the cheese platter of (clockwise from 11 o’clock): Parmigiano Reggiano (cow), Gorgonzola Dolce (cow), and Coach Triple Cream (goat). The gorgonzola was unsurprisingly very strong and my favorite was the goat cheese.

The cheese platter was accompanied with three fruit sauces (clockwise from 11 o’clock): blueberry, honey, and apricot.

Although Otto is known for its pizza, per The Girl Who Ate Everything’s recommendation, I ordered the Pasta Alla Norma, which is penne pasta tossed with a tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, and basil topped with Bufala ricotta.

For dessert, my brother had the Strawberry Rhubarb Coppetta. “Vanilla gelato, fragole zabaglione, strawberry gelato, poached rhubarb, lemon polenta cake.”

I finished my meal with three gelato flavors: salty caramel, olive oil, and creme fraiche.

Although I did not take a picture of it, my brother ordered the Vongole pizza, a white pizza (no red sauce) topped with mozzarella, garlic, and small clams (still in their shells). Initially I thought it would be quite awkward to have to pull the meat out of each clam shell before being able to enjoy a slice, but this method led to a very flavorful pizza, since each clam shell held some clam juice in addition to the delicious clam meat.

(Apologies, as this is the extent that my memory can recall, since I visited this restaurant back in May 2009).


1 Fifth Ave.

New York, NY 10003


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