Coffee Ice Cream

by Alyssa on March 6, 2011

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Another gift that I received for my birthday two years ago was a KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment. The key to this ice cream maker attachment is that the bowl must be completely frozen in order to make ice cream. The bowl requires about 15 hours to completely freeze. This attachment is great if you have room to leave the bowl in the freezer, because you can have a fresh batch of ice cream ready in about 20 minutes (once all of the ingredients are already cooled).

My mom loves ice cream and her favorite flavor is coffee, so I wanted to perfect a coffee ice cream recipe so I could make some for her. The first recipe I made with my new ice cream maker attachment was decaffeinated coffee ice cream using the Coffee Ice Cream recipe I found at SimplyRecipes‘ blog. Elise from SimplyRecipes uses the recipe for coffee ice cream that is found in David Lebovitz‘s, The Perfect Scoop (which I now own), but uses decaffeinated coffee beans. I liked the idea of using decaffeinated coffee beans, so I did the same.

This recipe for coffee ice cream is custard-based, which means it uses eggs in the ice cream batter. The eggs were not raw in this recipe because the recipe requires adding hot milk to the eggs. To prevent the eggs from curdling (and thus having scrambled egg ice cream), the eggs must be tempered, which means to add the hot liquid to the eggs one spoonful at a time, allowing the eggs to warm up slowly.

Here, the ice cream batter is cooling in an ice bath.

As the mixer is spinning, the ice cream batter is added to the frozen bowl.

I also threw in some dark chocolate that I had bought from Max Brenner in New York. I chopped the chocolate into chunks and added the chocolate to the spinning ice cream batter near the end of the mixing process.

The coffee flavor paired with the dark chocolate chunks was delicious, but unfortunately, this batch came out grainy, so I’ll have to try it again.

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1 Ari Widjaja December 22, 2014 at 9:38 am

This looks really good. I want to try it!


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