The Fitness Challenge – Week 8

by Alyssa on March 28, 2011

in Fitness

Devin and I have completed The Fitness Challenge!

According to the game rules, Devin and I had to each exercise three times a week for eight weeks, totaling 40 points by the end of the game. Devin, with 41 points, and I, with 50 points, both won the game!! We accepted The Fitness Challenge and we conquered it!

The purpose of the game is to achieve 40 fitness points, so “if one player gets to 40 points and the other one doesn’t, the player with 40 points is declared the winner” and can redeem his or her coupons. Since we each achieved 40 fitness points, the game rules indicate that we “both met The Fitness Challenge, and there are no real losers”. Pretty boring.

BUT, another outcome can happen when both players achieve 40 points AND one player beat his or her opponent by 8 points. In this case, the player with more points can redeem his or her coupons. Devin and I weren’t aware of this clause, so while we both won the game by reaching 40 fitness points each, I’m the supreme winner of the game.

By winning the game, I can redeem my coupons, which are:

The loser prepares dinner

The loser takes me out to a movie

I don’t have to do any pet chores for a week

The loser washes my car

I get taken out to dinner wherever I want

The loser cleans the house once a week for a month

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