The Fitness Challenge

by Alyssa on March 1, 2011

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Flipping through a recent friend’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine, my eye caught an brief excerpt for The Fitness Challenge. I immediately asked Devin to jot down the name so we could look into it further once we returned home.

Unbeknownst to me, Devin looked into the game and thought it appropriate for our lifestyle, so he purchased it as a surprise for me.

The Fitness Challenge is a board game that tracks the workouts of two competitors over eight weeks. The purpose of the game is to acquire 40 points over the eight weeks. In order to gain points, each player must exercise for a specified amount of time, which is determined by the player’s fitness level. For example, Devin and I started the board game five weeks ago and agreed that he would play at the Beginner fitness level and I would play at the Intermediate fitness level. At the Beginner fitness level, Devin must exercise rigorously for 20 minutes or mildly for 30 minutes to obtain a point.  As an Intermediate fitness level player, I must exercise rigorously for 30 minutes or mildly for 45 minutes to obtain a point.

Only one point can be achieved per day and the workout must occur all at one time during that day (rather than spread out throughout the day). The first two days of achieving the fitness minute goal allows the player to obtain 1 point. On the third day of exercise, the player receives 3 points for that single workout, thus two days at 1 point and the third day at 3 points equals 5 points and after eight weeks, would total 40 points. After the third day of working out, the points revert to back to 1 point per day maximum.

Before we started the game, we each chose winning coupons. These are requests that can be redeemed by whoever reaches 40 points at the end of eight weeks (and thus is the winner of the game). For example, some coupons include a massage from the losing player, no chores for a week, a car wash by the losing player, the loser has to take the winner to the movies, etc.

So for the past five weeks, Devin and I have been exercising like fiends!

Thus far, the standings remain:

Week Devin Alyssa
Week 1 7 points 7 points
Week 2 6 points 5 points
Week 3 6 points 7 points
Week 4 5 points 7 points

The game is a great idea for committing to an exercise plan. Devin suggested that the game can be used for other good habits, including keeping up with chores, depositing money into savings, etc.

The one big complaint I have about the game is that the points adhere to the game board via static cling, which Devin thinks is one of the game’s strengths, since the game board can be used over and over. While Devin has a good point, unfortunately the game points frequently fall off, thus making me suspicious that Devin is knocking off my points and blaming it on wind or the cats. Luckily, I also track my fitness minutes on SparkPeople, so I have a record of my workouts.

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