The Mad Greek

by Alyssa on March 27, 2011

in Food, Restaurant Reviews

Driving from San Diego to Las Vegas with friends back in 2009, there was one place along the  five-hour route that could make the drive less dreary: a stop at The Mad Greek in Baker, CA.

Located about fifty miles from the Nevada/California state border, Baker, CA is home to the world’s tallest thermometer.

I love American Greek food. I love the combination of red onions, briny kalamata olives, tart vinaigrette, and salty feta cheese of Greek salad, I love the simplicity of pita bread and hummus, although I love pita bread with creamy tzatziki sauce just a little bit more, and I say I love “American” Greek food because I love falafel, which is a Middle Eastern street food, but is often served at American Greek restaurants.

I ordered the falafel plate which came with a buttery, but very salty rice pilaf, falafel and fresh vegetables wrapped in pita bread, and a side of tahini. The falafel were dense and salty, nothing memorable.

I also ordered a large chocolate shake, which was a behemoth size. Luckily, there were four of us to share this enormous drink. It was very creamy, topped with whipped cream and a festive orange umbrella. I would try this shake again, but the falafel were mediocre, especially for the price.

The Mad Greek

72112 Baker Blvd.

Baker, CA 92309


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