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Orange County Half Marathon

I wanted to post a review of the OC Marathon before this year’s event, but unfortunately it snuck up on me and the race was held this past Sunday, May 1st.


But that’s okay because it’s a great course. Last year, I ran the OC Half Marathon and the year before that, I ran the 5K event.


The OC 5K starts and ends at the OC Fairgrounds. It’s a fast loop course that is run along the city streets and some residential areas. In 2009, there was only one water station. This was the first running race I ever ran and it went very well. There were about 1,000 runners and I placed 4th in my age category. I was disappointed that medals were not given for this race.





Last year, I ran the OC Half Marathon course, which started in Newport Beach and finished at the OC Fairgrounds. This was a beautiful course that started by cresting a hill, then the downhill provided a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean. The view was energizing, as were the crowds of spectators, which was especially helpful because the following five miles were through Back Bay, a flat, marshy area devoid of spectators. There were some signs and motivating quips chalked onto the pavement during this area that family and friends of some runners had strategically placed the night before. The last few miles of the OC Half Marathon ran through residential streets, where spectators gathered and some residents used garden hoses to cool off runners. The v-neck technical shirt and wave-shaped medal that runners received were really nice.





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