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ROC Race 5K

Devin and I recently race a 5K race that was different from the standard 5K race. This race is called the Ridiculous Obstacle Course 5K (ROC Race 5K) and it was held at Del Mar Racetrack last month.


For this 5K race, we had to register in teams of four, so naturally, we asked our roommates (best friends) to run the race with us. We were required to come up with a team name and we came up with The Green Monkeys from the Nickelodeon kid’s game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple. Aired during the 1990′s, Legends of the Hidden Temple is a kid’s game show from our childhood. Everyone in our team grew up watching as teams of two raced through puzzles and obstacle courses to retrieve a lost hidden artifact in the show.



Teams were encouraged to dress up in order to win various costume prizes and just be ridiculous. We bought BMX bike helmets and Matt spray-painted them gold to match the helmets used in Legends of the Hidden Temple, while I stenciled monkeys onto shirts to match The Green Monkeys from the game show. In addition to The Green Monkeys, other 2-person teams in the show include Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, and Silver Snakes.


So was this race as “ridiculous” as its name? The Ridiculous Obstacle Course included climbing a hill of snow, monkey bars with a muddy pit underneath, sliding down a fireman’s pole, getting sprayed by fire hoses, sliding down an inflatable slide, leaping over and crawling under beams, climbing over a wall, running through tires of various sizes, swinging over a pool of water, running up stairs, crawling through tunnels, in addition to running the length of a 5K. I ended up sore for a week from this race, so I think it was pretty ridiculous.


For the price of a normal 5K race, which is simply running on land, I think this race was worth the money. It’s not everyday that I get to slide down a fireman’s pole, get harassed by men wearing monkey costumes, or slide down an inflatable slide. It was also interesting to run through the Del Mar Racetrack. We didn’t run on the track, but we went past the stables, through the infield, and around the back of the track. In addition to entrance into the race, participants receive a t-shirt and a free beer at the end of the race.

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