About Four Letter Life

Do we want to curse our lives? Sometimes. Similar to other people, we are going through life at our own pace, which in large part includes travel, physical activity, food, and life lessons. We have had a lot of hiccups along our journey, but hopefully we are learning from them. In cases when we don’t learn from our mistakes, those are our Four Letter Life moments.


Exploration – We do some traveling, but what we love to do is camp. In this section, you’ll find our destinations for leisure travel, including what activities we’re doing there and what we’re eating while we’re there. We also have recommendations for camping sites and hiking trails.


Fitness – I guess by now I would have to call myself a runner, having run several 5K races and the Orange County Half Marathon. But we partake in all different kinds of fitness activities and here you will find out what we’ve been doing in terms of keeping fit, what has worked for us and what hasn’t worked for us, and how we try to have fun while trying to trim down. I have been a member of SparkPeople since 2006. I use SparkPeople primarily to track my workouts. If you are a member as well, please add me as a friend!


Food – Well, we love food. And it sometimes conflicts with our efforts to slim down (Fitness section), but a person has to eat, right? We cook most of our meals at home, so we have recipe reviews and suggestions in this section, but we also like treat ourselves to meals out, so we have reviews and descriptions of the meals we eat in out.


Essentials – This is the heart of Four Letter Life. It’s not always the most active section, but it’s the section that comes from our hearts. This section is where we vent those four letter life moments. It’s like the climax of a good book, the point where the curse escapes us because something awesome has just happened or something terrible has occurred.


This blog is updated by Devin and Alyssa, an omnivore and pescetarian, respectively. We are native Southern Californians and this blog is mostly about our time in San Diego and Orange Counties. Devin is in the process of starting his own freelance web development business, while I am a perpetual student who is trying to figure out where I belong. This blog is testament to the fact that we’re living some kind of life that is full of our favorite things: goat cheese, camping trips, Star Trek, competition, gadgets, Zen, patty melts, naps, long car rides, and ice cream.


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