Cafe Margarita

by Alyssa on December 10, 2011

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After our camping trip, I spent the rest of Thanksgiving week visiting family friends in Tucson. My 10-year-old cousin came with me on the trip to Tucson and since it was his first trip outside of California, we decided to partake in some tourist attractions that would entertain him. Our first stop was Tombstone, which is about an hour and a half drive from Tucson. After watching a gun fight reenactment, visiting a reptile exhibit, and browsing some shops, we noticed it was time for lunch. Since our next stop was another small town an hour away (Bisbee, AZ), we stopped into Cafe Margarita, which is down one of the small side streets of Tombstone.

The first sign of trouble was that we were in a tourist trap and forced to find lunch. The second sign of trouble was that Cafe Margarita specializes in Mexican and Italian food. It was very curious to see mozzarella sticks and lasagna on the menu next to chimichangas and fajitas, with a Sonoran hot dog thrown in!

We seated ourselves and received our menus. After a bit of time, a basket of crisp, warm tortilla chips and salsa with a hint of spice was placed on our table. I ordered the Chiles Relleno Plate with the option of cheese or green chile tamale filling. The waitress told me that I could try one of each, so I went ahead with that. As my sides, I ordered black beans and roasted corn, both of which were decent, but not particularly interesting. Our food arrived lukewarm, but the batter on the chiles rellenos was crisp and the cheese was melted. I enjoyed the cheese-filled chile relleno better than the green chile tamale chile relleno because the cornmeal and thick batter made it a very heavy dish.

I was disappointed that the food wasn’t served hot and everything was quite bland. The waitress was very welcoming, although we had some trouble locating her to get more salsa and refills on our drinks, even though there were two other servers and it wasn’t very busy in the restaurant. Well, we weren’t in Tombstone for the food and it was nice to be indoors as a respite from the cold wind outside.


Cafe Margarita

131 South 5th St.

Tombstone, AZ 85638


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