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Halloween 2011

by Alyssa on October 31, 2011

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Devin and I have skipped out on Halloween the past two years. But things are different this year because there are many kids in our apartment complex and many of our neighbors have decorated their front patios. We’re surrounded by skeletons trying to dig themselves out of the ground, hanging corpses, spiderweb-covered hedges, and carved pumpkins. It’s infectious!

Well, the main reason I’ve decided to celebrate Halloween this year is because I already have a costume that I had made for the ROC Race 5K.

I am a Green Monkey from Legends of the Hidden Temple. I painted the shirts and my friend, Matt, painted the helmets. Growing up in the 1990′s, my brother and I used to watch a competitive game show for kids on Nickelodeon¬†called Legends of the Hidden Temple. In this game, teams of two would compete in an obstacle course and also answer trivia questions to win a prize. Given the nature of the show, I think it was an appropriate costume for the Ridiculous Obstacle Course (ROC) Race 5K. And since I already have the costume, I might as well dive into the Halloween festivities.

I didn’t get around to going to a pumpkin patch like I had wanted to, so yesterday we made a quick trip to Stater Bros and bought one of their few remaining pumpkins. When the first pumpkin ended up costing only $1.37, I couldn’t resist getting another for $1.06 (19 cents a pound!). The more the merrier, right? Devin helped me use a stencil for this one.

As you can see, I hurried through and free-handed the other pumpkin.

And of course I saved the seeds so I can roast them later! Have a great Halloween!


Blackout 2011

by Alyssa on September 14, 2011

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I was sitting in my Art 101 lecture when the power went out last Thursday. After checking in with the Administration Office, my professor let us go home. I thought I had scored an early release and free afternoon! Little did I know that even though MiraCosta‘s San Elijo campus is only 12 miles from our apartment, it eventually took me three hours to get home! I tallied 24 stoplights that were not working on my ride home. Not only was the traffic horrible and my phone battery was dying, but I was running out of gas too! I eventually made it to a gas station, but discovered that it wasn’t working (duh!). I made it home by coasting in neutral on the downhills!

On my arrival at the apartment, I noticed that a group of neighbors had set up camping chairs on the lawn in front of our building. Walking into our apartment, not only was I greeted by Devin, but also our emergency “go” backpacks which are always stocked with toiletries, camping supplies, and survival items in case we need to leave the apartment in a hurry. That kind of made me nervous, but Devin assured me it was only a precautionary measure. Since I was ravenous, Devin reheated some leftover meatloaf on our camp stove while I made a huge salad for myself. We dined alfresco under the light of the setting sun.

¬†As it turned dark, Devin would normally be working on his computer while I complete assignments for my online class, but since we could do neither, we set a candle outside, turned on some camp lights, and shared a bottle of Stone Smoked Porter from the refrigerator while listening to our emergency radio. When the beer was finished, we turned off the radio and finished our bottle of Jerry Sailor Rum from the freezer. We didn’t want it to spoil!


Later, under the bright shine of an almost full moon, we took a walk around our apartment complex and picked up the mail. We saw a few groups of our neighbors gathered around fire pits. So for one night, we abandoned our dependence on technology and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was also a test run to see if we are prepared for an emergency situation, which I failed because of the running out of gas problem! I think we should have more nights like these.


The Road to Rueing

April 14, 2011

Have you ever had a day in which you asked yourself, “What’s the use?” Sometimes it can feel like your life is a train wreck. Like you’ve already traveled so far down the road to ruin that there’s no point in trying to turn around. I know I’ve had days like that. Heck, I’ve had […]

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