I also receive Food Network Magazine as a gift from my step-mom-in-law, which includes both vegetarian recipes for myself and omnivore recipes for Devin.


One of the first recipes that I tried from Food Network Magazine was a vegetarian-friendly recipe called Spinach and Ricotta Tacos. Well who doesn’t like tacos, right? But I wasn’t sure I could win Devin over with the spinach and ricotta parts of the recipe.


Cilantro and garlic are added to ricotta cheese while onions, spinach, green chile peppers, and cumin are combined in a skillet and cooked on the stove. Salsa verde tops each taco and I served this dish with black beans.


Even though I like spinach and ricotta, this recipe didn’t win me over, much less Devin. The components of the tacos didn’t seem to combine well together. With each bite, there was onion, then spinach, then ricotta, but the separate parts never seemed to mingle together, so it was more like an awkward party of different flavors.